Dom’s Services

Walkable Streets provides the following professional services

  • Writing and amending land development codes — particularly those that emphasize compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, quality of life objectives.
  • Writing and amending Comprehensive Community Plans — particularly land use, urban design, transportation, solid waste, recreation, and environmental conservation.
  • Bicycle, greenway and pedestrian planning, including a walking and bicycling audit in the field.
  • Giving locally-tailored motivational speeches (20 minutes to 90 minutes in length) to elected officials, citizens, professional staff.
  • Preparing and revising regulations, plans and policies in order to use “plain English” instead of “legalese” or bureaucratic jargon.

Examples of Regulatory Products Walkable Streets Can Prepare

Noise ordinance

Planned Unit Development ordinance

Animal Control ordinance

Gateway Street ordinance

Nature Park ordinance

Creek Setback ordinance

TND ordinance

Central City Zoning District

Walkable Overlay ordinances

Traditional City ordinance

Definition of Zoning Terms ordinance

Industrial Zoning Districts

Surface Waters ordinance

Urban Design guidelines

Density Bonus Points

Required Sidewalks ordinance

Use & Bulk Matrix

Sign ordinance

Parallel Land Development Codes


Lists of Permitted Zoning District Uses

Converting jargon into plain English

Form-Based Codes

Transect Zoning

Maximum Building Height

Quality of Life Indicators report

Snout House ordinance

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