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Example Skills

* Bachelors degree in environmental science & masters degree in town and transportation planning (thesis subject: bicycle transportation).

* 20 years as a town and transportation planner for Gainesville FL, where he wrote the long-range transportation, land use, recreation, conservation, and urban design plans for the City, and successfully persuaded the City to reform its parking regulations.

* Crafted “concurrency” (“adequate facilities”) standards for roads, parks, waste.

* Administered Boulder’s growth rate control ordinance for 18 months.

* Experienced public speaker (sprawl, congestion, smart growth, urban design).

* Smart Growth, sustainability, Complete Streets and walkable streets specialist.

* Published writer (two books about transportation and quality of life). He is also a “Plain English” and “Unbiased Transportation Terminology” editor.

* Experienced in design workshops, charrettes, walkability audits to create or restore safe streets, healthy neighborhoods, vibrant commercial areas.

* Skilled in crafting or calibrating land development codes for smart growth, form-based coding, transects, walkable urbanity, context-sensitive design, parking.

* Skilled in providing specialized professional recommendations regarding effective tactics for increasing transit use, bicycling and walking.

* Skilled in assisting local governments in establishing more understandable, “Plain English,” graphics-based regulations and plans.

* Well-versed in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Photo Editor, PowerPoint, and other software programs.

* Skilled in creating, editing and maintaining Internet websites.

Employment History

* PLAN-Boulder County Board of Directors, March 2014 – March 2016.

* Boulder Transportation Advisory Board, March 2013 – 2018.

* Adjunct Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, April 2010 – Present.

* Urban Design Consultant & Complete Streets Instructor, October 2007 – Present.

* Senior Planner, September 1997 – October 2007. City of Gainesville FL.

* Growth Management Specialist, February 1996 – August 1997. City of Boulder CO.

* Senior Planner, September 1989 – February 1996. City of Gainesville FL.

* Associate Planner, March 1986 – September 1989. City of Gainesville FL.

Bio Sketch

Dom Nozzi has a BA in environmental science from SUNY Plattsburgh and a Master’s in planning from Florida State University. For 20 years, he was a senior planner for Gainesville FL and briefly the growth rate control planner for Boulder CO. He maintains an independent consulting practice in which he writes, edits, and speaks about street design, urban design, and quality of life. His primary professional skills are in urban design (particularly walkable streets & form-based codes), transportation choice, “plain English” land development codes promoting quality of life, long-range comprehensive planning, and inspirational, understandable, educational public presentations. He was the Duckpond Neighborhood Association president from 1999 to 2005. He is a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism. He has authored several environmental, transportation and urban design plans and regulations for Gainesville. He is in Who’s Who for the South & Southwest. His most recent book is The Car is the Enemy of the City, was published by WalkableStreets in May 2010. His second book, The Road to Ruin: An Introduction to Sprawl and How to Cure It, was published by Praeger Publishers in 2003. Mr. Nozzi is a contributing author to New Urbanism & Beyond, published by Rizzoli Publishers. He served on the Board of Directors for Bike/Walk Virginia. He served for five years on the Boulder CO Transportation Advisory Board. He is a Complete Streets Instructor for the National Complete Streets Coalition. He has served as the Chair of the Mapleton Hill PorchFest since 2011. He formerly brewed his own beer and wine. He currently makes his own pasta. He has run the New York City Marathon, is an avid traveler and adventurer, diver, hiker, kayaker, bicyclist and skier.

As a Senior Planner for City of Gainesville, Florida from 1986 to 2007, he authored the Environmental Conservation, Recreation, and Solid Waste Elements of Gainesville’s 1991-2001 Comprehensive Plan, and the Future Land Use, Urban Design, and Transportation Elements of Gainesville’s 2001-2011 Comprehensive Plan. He prepared or revised ordinances pertaining to the protection of creeks, lakes, wetlands, wellfields, nature parks, upland ecological communities, and gateway streets. Other ordinances prepared or revised include noise control, landscaping and tree management, animal control, sign control, downtown Traditional City overlay, planned unit developments, and traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs).

He was the lead planner for Gainesville’s 26-mile greenway trail system. He served as editor for the update of the city’s “Development Guide,” which is an award-winning guide describing, in layman’s terms, the steps one must follow to go through the city’s development process, and a graphic and written summary of various planning concepts and city development objectives. He was awarded Employee of the Month for the City Department of Community Development in 1987 and Employee of the Year for the Department in 1993.

He is a proud, happy atheist, and lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Selected Published Articles

Nozzi, D. “Fighting the Correct Battle.” The Gainesville Sun, 2 February, 2002.

Nozzi, D. “Growth, Sprawl Not Always Connected.” The Gainesville Sun, 30 September 2002.

Nozzi, D. “Fighting the Correct Battle.” The Town Paper [Gaithersburg, MD], August/September 2001, 11-12.

Nozzi, D. “School Needed for Duckpond.” The Gainesville Sun, 15 July, 2001.

Nozzi, D. “Disadvantages of Living in a Public Safety Bubble.” The Gainesville Sun, 23 April 2000.

Nozzi, D. “Leverage and No Growthers.” The Town Paper [Gaithersburg, MD], March/April 2000, 2-3.

Nozzi, D. “Transportation: A New Paradigm for the 21st Century.” The Gainesville Sun, 30 May 1999.

Nozzi, D. “A Decade of Growth and Change in Alachua County.” Booklet. Gainesville: Friends of Alachua
County (Florida). June 1993.

Thrall, G., Swanson, B. and Nozzi, D. “Greenspace Acquisition and Ranking Program (GARP).” Computers, Environment an Urban Systems, Vol. 12, 161-184. 1989.


As of November 21, 2018


In 1972, he set the Scribner Road Elementary School (Penfield NY) record in the triple jump.

In 1973, he was selected the most improved player on his Penfield Little League baseball team (Sunrise).

 Penfield High School

In 1977, he made the second-team all-county as a flankerback for high school football players in Monroe County NY. His teammates selected him as the offensive player of the year.

In 1978, he was a leading long jumper and triple jumper in Monroe County NY (he briefly held the school record in the triple jump), and was selected as a representative of the County for the triple jump at the High School Track & Field championships in Long Island NY.

In 1978, his classmates in the Class of 1978 selected him as the shyest guy in his senior class.


In 1978, he made it to the Dean’s List because of his 3.89 Grade Point Average at Northern Arizona University in his first semester as a Freshman.


In 1983, he had a 4.00 Grade Point Average in his first semester as a graduate student at Florida State University.

Masters Thesis

Nozzi, D. (1985). Bicycle Transportation Engineering and Encouragement Considerations for the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.  Unpublished.

Professional Awards

Marquis Who’s Who for the South and Southwest, 1999/2000 – Present.

Employee of the Year, City of Gainesville, Department of Community Development. 1993.

Professional Affiliations

Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals.

Florida American Planning Association. San Felasco Chapter. Vice Chair. 1986 – 2007.

American Planning Association. Chicago IL.

Congress for the New Urbanism.


Gainesville Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization. Design Team. Vice Chair. 1998 – 2007.

Greenbelt Task Force. Member. 1988-1990. Gainesville FL.

Community Service

PLAN-Boulder County Board of Directors, 2014 – 2016.

Boulder Transportation Advisory Board. 2013 – 2018. Vice-Chair 2016.

Bike/Walk Virginia. Board of Directors. 2009.

Duckpond Neighborhood Association. President. Gainesville FL. 1999 – 2004.

Whittier Square Condo Association. Board of Directors. Boulder CO. 2019 — Present.


He is the founder, chief organizer and chair of Mapleton Hill PorchFest in Boulder CO, September 2012 to present. Mapleton Hill PorchFest is a neighborhood walkabout where local musicians play and sing unplugged music on the beautiful porches of Mapleton Hill.

Published Books

Gillham, O. (2002). The Limitless City Contains a photo he shot of the Boulder Valley.

Nozzi, D. (2003). Road to Ruin: The Origins of Sprawl and How to Cure It. Westport, CT: Praeger. Introduction written by Victor Dover.

Scott, J. (ed.) (2005) Guide to New Urbanism in Florida. This book referenced land development regulations he wrote for Gainesville FL.

Marquis (2007). Who’s Who in the South and Southwest (1998). Listed member.

Nozzi, D. (2008). New Urbanism and Beyond. Contributing author. Edited by Tigran Haas.

Nozzi, D. (2010). The Car is the Enemy of the City. WalkableStreets.

Shoup, D. (2011). The High Cost of Free Parking. Quoted on page 84.

Nozzi, D. (2013). 50 Years of Adventures, Debacles, and Achievements. WalkableStreets.

Speck, J. (2013). Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time. Dom Nozzi cited several times.

Nozzi, D. (2014). Family Tree of Albert & Sara Lupia Nozzi.

Number of Books and Book Pages He Has Read

1,519 books read, consisting of 487,100 pages.

Museum Exhibit

On November 15, 2018, he was honored to learn that blog comments he had posted to one of his blog sites (regarding the 40 people in cars, in chairs, on bicycles, and on foot photo set) was featured as an exhibit in the Museum of Boulder “The Boulder Experience” gallery.


As of June 2018, he had shot and stored 46,142 photos on his laptop. He has uploaded 404 photo albums to Google Photos.


He has created and uploaded 145 videos to YouTube.

Letters to the Editor published

45 letters to the editor published in the following newspapers:

Rochester (NY) Times-Union

Florida Flambeau (Florida State University student newspaper)

Tallahassee (FL) Democrat

Florida Alligator (University of Florida student newspaper)

Gainesville (FL) Sun

Moon Magazine (Gainesville FL)

Planning Magazine (American Planning Association)

Washington Post

Bloomington (IN) Times-Herald

Boulder (CO) Daily Camera

The Boulder Weekly

Guest Opinions (newspaper and magazine essays) published

52 guest opinions published in the following newspapers and magazines:

Gainesville (FL) Sun

Boulder (CO) Daily Camera

The Blue Line (Boulder CO)

Virginia Chapter APA Newsbrief

Virginia Business Newsletter

Bloomington (IN) Herald-Times

Apalachee Tortoise (Tallahassee FL)

The Town Paper (new urbanism newspaper)

Friends of Alachua County Talk (FACT: Alachua Co FL)

Uptown Update (Chicago newsletter)

Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch

Colorado Independent (his guest opinion in Boulder Daily Camera quoted)

Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA)

Nozzi, D. (2008). Downtown Master Plan Returns City to Timeless Tradition. Virginia Business Magazine, April.

Grant Ian Thrall, Bert Swanson and D. Nozzi, 1988. “Greenspace acquisition and ranking program (GARP): a computer assisted decision strategy.” Computers, Environment, and Urban Systems, Vol. 12, 161- 184.

Tally of Blogs He Has Written


Site Blogs
Best Ever 137
Plan B 623
Walkable Streets 72
Dom Nozzi’s Voyages & Adventures 245
Run for Your Life: Dom Nozzi’s Controversial Opinions 284
Total 1,361



93 public speeches given. He has given speeches in the following cities:

Rochester NY

Buffalo NY

Boulder CO

Gainesville FL

Chattanooga TN

Ocala FL

Volusia Co FL

Port St Lucie FL

Sarasota FL

Jacksonville FL

St Louis MO

Ybor City FL

Philadelphia PA

Tampa FL

Orlando FL

Asheville NC

Winston-Salem NC

Evansville IN

Kingsport TN

Tallahassee FL

Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

Palatka FL

Bloomington IN

Indianapolis IN

Crescent Beach FL

Reston VA

St Augustine FL

Roanoke VA

Richmond VA

Duluth MN

Dakota Co MN

Montreal Canada

Topeka KS

Manitou Springs CO

Memphis TN

Pipestone MN

Niagara Falls NY


Ft Collins CO

Longmont CO

Lawrence KS

Dayton OH

Denver CO

Fargo ND

Moorhead MN


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