Walkable Streets specializes in giving speeches to students, citizens, elected officials, and staff. Walkable Streets also engages in writing and editing papers and reports, preparing and amending plans, land development regulations, quality of life regulations and community design recommendations.

 The guiding principle of Walkable Streets is that a walkable street is the fundamental building block of a quality community. Indeed, the pedestrian is the design imperative.

At this blog, you will find links to essays and organizations that are the basis of my work — and the basis of my passion. My intent is to provide information and services that are useful in designing livable, sustainable, walkable, and equitable communities and
neighborhoods–communities and neighborhoods we can take pride in.

Dom Nozzi is the executive director of Walkable Streets. He can be reached at dom@walkablestreets.com

Dom’s other websites

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My Town & Transportation Planning website


My Plan B blog


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My Author spotlight



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