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   The guiding principle of Walkable Streets is that a walkable street is the fundamental building block of a quality community. Indeed, the pedestrian is the design imperative.

Dom Nozzi is the executive director of Walkable Streets. He can be reached at dom[AT]walkablestreets.com

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A Selection of Dom Nozzi’s Walkable Streets Websites and Blogs

Essential Ingredients for a Walkable, Compact Town Center

Ingredients of a Walkable Street

Measuring Walkable Urbanity

His Recommended Walkable Streets Transportation Reforms blog site

Transportation recommendations for Boulder CO, informed by his 40 years of academic and professional work in transportation, 9 years of living in Boulder, and 5 years on the Boulder Transportation Advisory Board.

His Walkable Streets Transportation Vision for Boulder CO

His Timeless, Lovable City and Neighborhood Design blog site

His most active urban design and transportation blogging site. There is a growing need for our communities and our nation to forge a dramatically new path if we expect a sustainable future rich in a rewarding quality of life. Our path for much of the past century is conventionally known as “The American Dream.” This dream has been dependent on endless low-density (and therefore community-destroying) development. This financially unsustainable development pattern forces our society into isolating travel by car. It is financially unsustainable in part because it creates development that is unable to pay for its needed services and infrastructure because it does not produce sufficient tax revenue and imposes unusually high public costs. In this sense, it is, as Charles Marohn points out, a Ponzi Scheme (see link below). It is an inherently unsustainable path that a number of analysts now fear may be leading to the end of the American empire.

Dom Nozzi’s Biography, Credentials, and Accomplishments

Quality Transportation and Urban Design Starter Kit

The Rise and Fall of Urbanism in the US (Duany in Boston, 1989)


Growth Ponzi Scheme

Examples of New Urbanism:





Walking tour of Wall St AVL: https://youtu.be/KuDh3YsJcec

Reforming Our Town Center Street Design to Cope with the 2020 Pandemic

Classic, Life-Changing Books in Transportation
Arnold, Henry F. (1993). Trees in Urban Design, 2nd Edition.

Belmont, Steve (2002). Cities in Full

Downs, Anthony (1992). Stuck in Traffic

Duany, Andres, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Jeff Speck (2000). Suburban Nation

Durning, Alan (1996). The Car and the City

Jacobs, Jane (1961). The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Kuhn, Thomas (1962). The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Kunstler, James Howard (1998). Home from Nowhere

Levine, Jonathan (2006). Zoned Out: Regulations, Markets in Transportation and Metropolitan Land Use

Newman, Paul & Jeffrey Kenworthy (1989). Cities and Automobile Dependence

Norton, Peter (2008). Fighting Traffic

Oldenburg, Ray (1991). The Great Good Place

Owen, David (2009). Green Metropolis

Putnam, Robert (2000). Bowling Alone

Shoup, Donald (2005). The High Cost of Free Parking

Tranner, Paul & Rodney Tolley (2020). Slow Cities: Conquering Our Speed Addiction for Health & Sustainability

Traffic Engineers Who Get It
Walter Kulash- Glatting, Jackson in Orlando FL. 407.843.6552 wkulash@glatting.com

Ian Lockwood-Glatting, Jackson in Orlando FL. 407.843.6552 ilockwood@glatting.com

Dan Burden-Walkable Communities, Inc. in High Springs FL 386.454.3304 (Dan is a SUPERB speaker). I would strongly recommend inviting him to speak in your community, even if you don’t hire him as a consultant. dan@walklive.org

Rick Hall-Hall Engineering in Tallahassee FL. 850.222.2277 rickhall@hpe-inc.com

Peter Swift-Swift & Associates in Longmont CO. 303.772.7052 Phswi@aol.com

Rick Chellman-White Mountain Surveying in Ossipee NH 603.539.4118 chellman@worldpath.net

GB Arrington-”TOD” expert. Parsons Brinckerhoff in Portland OR 503.274.2298.

Whit Blanton-Cities That Work in Orlando FL 407.893.8175 wblanton@CitiesThatWork.com

Patrick Siegman-Siegman & Associates in Palo Alto CA. 650.462.5915 siegman@sirius.com

Fred Dock-Barton-Ashman in Minneapolis MN. 612.332.0421 frederick_dock@parsons.com

Reid Ewing-Center for Urban Transportation Research in Tampa FL 305.355.5255 rewing@transect.org

Michael Wallwork-Alternate Street Design in Orange Park FL. 904.269.1851 wallwork@mediaone.net

Danny Pleasant-Charlotte NC dpleasant@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Michael Ronkin 541.914.1401 michaelronkin@gmail.com

Stu Sirota- Parsons Brinckerhoff in Baltimore MD 410.752.9627 stuart@tndplan.com

Wade Walker- Glatting, Jackson in Orlando FL. 407.843.6552

Todd Litman-Victoria [British Columbia] Transportation Policy Institute in Victoria BC Canada 250.360.1560 litman@vtpi.org

Road Diet bibliography
Burden, D. and P. Lagerwey. Road Diets: Fixing the Big Roads http://www.walkable.org/assets/downloads/roaddiets.pdf [improved/maintained capacity, improved safety, list of examples]

Gates, T. J., Noyce, D.A., Talada, V., & Hill, L. (2007). The safety and operational effects of “road diet” conversions in Minnesota. Washington, D.C.: Transportation Research Board. http://pubsindex.trb.org/document/view/default.asp?lbid=801948 [crashes reduced, list of examples]

Kittleson and Associates: Road Diet White Paper: http://www.ashland.or.us/Files/Road%20Diets%20White%20Paper.pdf [improved traffic flow, reduced speeding, reduced crashes, more attractive, list of examples]

Libby Thomas, Senior Associate, UNC HSRC. Road Diet Conversions: A Synthesis of Safety Research, May 2013. http://katana.hsrc.unc.edu/cms/downloads/WhitePaper_RoadDiets_PBIC.pdf [crashes reduced]

McCormick, C. York Blvd: The Economics of a Road Diet. http://la.streetsblog.org/wp-content/pdf/york_blvd_final_report_compress.pdf [congestion not worsened, economics not worsened]

Oregon Department of Transportation. Systematic Safety Measures: Road Diet http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/TRAFFIC-ROADWAY/docs/pdf/RoadDiets.pdf [improved cdns for bike/ped, reduced crashes, better environment for businesses and homes]

Oregon Department of Transportation. Talent Area Road Diet Analysis http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION3/docs/OR99TMRoadDietDRAFT09-04-12.pdf [improved safety, analysis of capacity impacts of going from 4 lanes to 3]

Lane Reduction (Road diet) http://www.pedbikesafe.org/PEDSAFE/countermeasures_detail.cfm?CM_NUM=19 [improved safety, improved conditions for bikes/ped]

Rosales, J.A. Road Diet Handbook – Overview http://www.oregonite.org/2007D6/paper_review/D4_201_Rosales_paper.pdf [improved safety, improved livability, list of examples]

Tan, C. H. Going on a Road Diet https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/publicroads/11septoct/05.cfm [economics improved, improved safety, improved livability, improved traffic operations, list of examples]

S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. Proven Safety Countermeasures: “Road Diet” (Roadway Reconfiguration). http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/provencountermeasures/fhwa_sa_12_013.htm [improved safety]

S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. Evaluation of Lane Reduction “Road Diet” Measures on Crashes https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/research/safety/10053/10053.pdf [crashes reduced]

Welch, T. “The Conversion of Four-Lane Undivided Urban Roadways to Three-Lane Facilities.” Presented at the Transportation Research Board / Institute for Transportation Engineers Urban Street Symposium, Dallas, TX, June 28-30, 1999. http://nacto.org/docs/usdg/conversion_of_four_lane_undivided_urban_roadways.pdf [reduced crashes, traffic calming enhanced, improved emergency vehicle response times]

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_diet [reduced induced traffic, increased attentiveness, reduced crashes, reduced speeding, improved cdns for bikes/peds]

Entertainment-Related Blogs

Travel and Adventures blog site

This blog is a catalog of blogs he has written of each of his significant travels and adventures throughout the United States and the world over the course of his life. It also contains blogs about major events in his life.

Best-Ever Lists blog site

This blog contains lists of what he considers to be the best in a wide range of topics such as foods, beverages, movies, books, individuals, and words.


Dom Nozzi’s Facebook profile

Dom Nozzi’s YouTube video library


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